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ECS 100 - 2010 Fall Syllabus.doc
Knowledge, Schooling and Society: ECS 100

Calendar Description

This course introduces students to historical and foundational questions: what counts as knowledge and how has knowledge been “produced” and reproduced through schooling and its administration in the past and the present. Students will explore these questions in various ways, including observations in contemporary schools and communities. This course begins the complex process of constructing teacher knowledge.

Course Structure
The course will be comprised of weekly lecture sessions with small group weekly seminar sessions that will elaborate on the core topics introduced in the lecture sessions. Students will also complete 7-8 half-day field experiences in their assigned school.

Class Intentions

Students will:
1.Examine the history and politics of Canadian schooling and purposes it has served.
2.Understand that within these contexts, knowledge has been constructed from and reflects
particular worldviews and values.
3.Learn to think critically and creatively about the construction of knowledge and educational systems.
4.Relate the construction of knowledge to the construction of their identity as a teacher.
5.Gain information literacy and research skills.
6.Successfully complete the field component.

Content Outline
  1. Foundations & Purposes of Education in Canada
  2. Structure of Canadian Schooling
  3. Educational Philosophy, Teacher Identity and Knowledge
  4. Diversity & Inclusive Education
  5. Information Literacy& Digital Citizenship
  6. Life in Schools and Classrooms (Field Component & Reflections)

Textbook & Resources

  1. Parkay, F., Hardcastle Stanford, B., Vaillancourt, J., Stephens, H. & Harris, J. (2012). Becoming a teacher. 4th Canadian Edition, Toronto: Pearson.
  2. ECS 100 Field Experience Manual: Partnership in Teacher Education

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